• circos dir: Path of unzipped circos folder. /circos_path/bin
  • conf dir: Path of circos configure file.
  • roi info: CSV table which defines sub-areas and lobes, there is an example in brant-master/circos/brant_circos_3mm_273.csv
  • In the table should have at least four columns:
    • label: label of each sub-areas.
    • module: to which lobe/module does the sub-area belong.
    • index_module: order of the arranged module.
    • index_node: order of sub-areas within one module.

Before using the function, please download and install circos 0.69 or higher.

  • Buttons:
    • S: Save parameters of the current panel to a *.mat file. The *.mat can be further loaded for the panel or be used in a script processing.
    • L: Load parameters from *.mat for the current panel.
    • ?: Help information.